Website down? SSL invalid? You should use PingPing to get instantly notified! (sponsor)


October 12th, 2020

pingping-featured.png is the simplest uptime and SSL monitoring service in the world when your website is down or your certificate becomes invalid. No more, no less. It is built by Stefan Bauer & Bobby Bouwmann.

They know how important it is to know if your website is down or if your SSL certificate is about to become invalid. This is something you want to know right away, instead of your being called by a customer saying your website is down or your SSL-certificate is missing. To notify you as soon as possible they offer 30-second interval checks. For SSL certificates they notify you a few days before it will expire so you can take action before it becomes a problem.

Take a coffee, sit back, and let do the monitoring!

Status pages

Uptime and SSL monitoring is cool, but without a good overview, it won’t provide you any extra information. For that, they designed a beautiful (public) status page that shows you the most essential parts.

  • Current uptime and SSL-certificate status
  • Uptime percentage for the last 30 days
  • Average response time
  • Uptime statistics from the last 4 months
  • Private or public
  • Support for multi language including English, German, Spanish, French, and many more

You can find a live demo of the status page here: live demo

More features

The simplicity is consistently implemented throughout the system. They make it super easy for you to bring your whole team. They don’t offer plans based on how many users can access the dashboard. The whole team has access to all metrics, no limits.

To keep you updated they offer powerful notifications through different notification channels. They currently support Email, Slack, Discord and, webhooks. Further notification channels are already being worked on.

Besides the many other features, they offer a very simple API. The API can be used to display the uptime of your application inside your own application without the hassle of the infrastructure you need to do proper uptime monitoring. Their API is fast, reliable, and very easy to implement. All the data you see in the dashboard and on the status page is available through the API.


What if your customers need uptime and you don’t have the infrastructure to offer this? You can power up your product with uptime and SSL monitoring from and give that extra to your customer. They offer attractive prices according to your requirements. They already successfully integrated with Fathom Analytics to bring uptime monitoring in their analytics tool.

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