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Laracon Lousiville

The annual Laravel conference is just a few days away. This year not only features the most attendees ever but an excellent line up of speakers and interesting topics.

This is the third conference with the first in Washington D.C, then New York, and this year in Louisville. The city of Louisville doesn’t sound like a tech mecca. However, earlier this year president Obama gave a speech from the Laracon sponsor, Indatus, headquarters. It’s a city on the tech rise.

Once you land in Louisville the hotel and venue is a short 15-minute drive from the airport. As with all major cities cab’s will be available to get you to the final destination.

The conference is two days, starting Tuesday, August 11th and finishing the next day. Laracon has always tried to give plenty of time in between talks to socialize with other attendees and this year is no different. Breaks are 30 minutes long and at the end of each day it features a two-hour meet and greet with refreshments.

Live Blog

Last year was the first introduction of a live blog at the event and it was a great way of keeping those that couldn’t attend informed. This year that legacy will continue and will be hosted here on Laravel News.

For each day of the conference, a new “live blog” post will be created that updates in real time. Be sure to tune in!

Artisan Jeopardy

This is a totally new feature meant for fun and excitement. I’m not sure exactly what to expect, but I’ve been practicing by answering all my friends in the form of a question. So be prepared for stiff competition.

Learning More

If you’d like out more about the city check out this interview with two native Louisvillians.

I’ve also put together a Pinterest board with a lot of restaurants and things to do in the area.

Also, be sure and join the newsletter so you don’t miss anything. I’ll have a recap the following Sunday of any big announcements.

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