Why DreamFactory chose Laravel


April 30th, 2015

Over on the DreamFactory blog they have a new post sharing some of the reasons they chose Laravel for their 2.0 release. The three areas they focus on is popularity, community, and flexibility.

The community aspect is the part I agree with so much:

It has been said that open source software lives and dies by the community it garners. One of the things that we think made Laravel so popular so quickly, and will hopefully underpin its longevity, is the amount of effort the early adopters put into establishing a community. With Laravel’s own documentation, forums and the ever popular Laracasts, along with quick responses on popular sites like Stack Overflow, help is just a click away. As with any foundation, seeing the myriad of things people have already built to work with it, things that we could re-use in our projects immediately, was very helpful. If you are looking for a new “wheel”, check the community, it’s probably already out there. For us, the Laravel community has helped immensely in getting our application up and running in short order.

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