XDebug 3 Features a New Info Panel


August 14th, 2020


Derick Rethans (creator of Xdebug) has been working on XDebug 3, which is a near-total rewrite of Xdebug 2. He shared a new xdebug_info() function, which feels similar to the phpinfo() function:

Fellow debuggers, meet the new xdebug_info() function!

All of Xdebug's settings, features, and diagnostic information in one place.

Coming to you in @Xdebug 3. pic.twitter.com/gW2BuyYmuZ

— Derick Rethans (@derickr) August 13, 2020

The output seems to include Xdebug’s settings, features, and helpful diagnostic info all in one place. For those struggling with configuring Xdebug, this looks promising to help bridge that gap in figuring out Xdebug configuration issues.

The output of xdebug_info() is still a work in progress, and the author is soliciting the feedback of what other information will be useful. Stay tuned to see what other helpful features are available from this function.

The xdebug_info() function will not be back-ported to v2. However, Xdebug 3 will support PHP 7.2 to PHP 8.0.

Xdebug 3 is the next major version, including an overhaul of the tool and a near-total rewrite of Xdebug. Derek talked about Xdebug 3 at the ScotlandPHP Conference in 2019, if you want to learn more:

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