Xdebug Toggler App for macOS


July 3rd, 2020

The Xdebug Toggler app for macOS allows you to toggle Xdebug on and off through an icon in the menubar:

Being able to disable Xdebug quickly can help with performance when you don’t want Xdebug enabled. For example, Xdebug can adversely affect performance when running composer commands.

Besides toggling the Xdebug PHP module on and off, the app allows you to configure the location of your xdebug.ini file, configure other xdebug.ini options, and the ability to automatically restart popular PHP services on macOS when you toggle Xdebug:

You can install via Homebrew, or downloading the latest DMG from the project. Check out the xDebug-Toggler project on GitHub to get full installation instructions, and view the source code.

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Paul Redmond

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