10 things that will make you a better developer

Christoph Rumpel has a new post where he asked 10 developers from all around the world what they think makes someone a really good developer.

All the responses are great advice and here are my three things which came from my Artisan Files interview:


Passion for the work you put out. This is really no different than any other job, if you have passion and enjoy your work it will show. If you hate getting up every morning and doing programming then find another
career path. Life is too short to not enjoy what you are doing.

Team Player

Being a team player is also huge. You can be a “rock star” or “expert” but if you are self centered then I wouldn’t want to work with you. If you make a mistake own it. If a co-worker makes a mistake and you catch it, help them.

Giving Back

Giving back is the final area that will help your grow as not only a programmer but as a person. This can be anything from helping others, contributing to your favorite projects, releasing open source, or writing about your experiences. As you become experienced you will be inspiring, and as a beginner you will gain guidance from others.

Over to you…

What is the one the piece advice that you think will make someone a better developer? Post a comment below I’d love to see a discussion around this question.

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