At Larajobs we’ve been front and center for the amazing rise in popularity in Laravel over the past few years. Each year it seems to keep growing faster than we could ever expect.

Though we can all see the growth in Github stars or Google searches, we thought it’d be interesting to partner up with Laravel News to survey Laravel users to dig out more details than you can get from those simpler metrics.

Over 1,600 of you took the survey! Below we’ve published the results along with some additional analytical analysis and a subset of the replies we received to the open ended questions.

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What's the one reason why you selected Laravel over other frameworks?

Not surprisingly, ease of use is at the top of the list of reasons to choose Laravel. However, it’s great to see documentation make such a strong showing as well. It’s something that Taylor and the Laravel team put a ton of time into and something I personally was extremely impressed with way back in 2011 when I first discovered Laravel.

What size Laravel projects do you work on?

We’re seeing the logical trend here as Laravel evolves into a more robust tool. Moving from small projects to “normal” size ones and with growth on the enterprise end.

In the next 12 months I'll be using Laravel in:

2/3rd’s of respondents will be using Laravel in more projects next year.

How many production applications do you have using Laravel?

Reflecting the previous question, we can see that people are already using Laravel in multiple production projects. A remarkable number with 10+ production Laravel apps.

Laravel is mature and robust enough for:

We’re seeing growing confidence in Laravel with again over 2/3rd’s of respondents believing it to be enterprise ready.

How many users does your largest Laravel based SaaS have?

What's the rough monthly page view traffic of your largest Laravel based website?

Are you able to find the quantity and quality of Laravel developers you need?

We’re obviously particularly interested in this one :) For those respondents who were hiring managers, nearly half can’t find the quantity or quality of developers they need.

If you’re a developer make sure you’re on on instant notification list for new jobs at LaraJobs!

I'd love it if there were more Laravel:

I have to admit being a bit surprised at such high demand for more articles/tutorials since there are so many published every day, but the demand is out there. If you’re thinking about blogging more about Laravel, now is a great time.

If there’s not a meet up in your town, start one. If you do, let us know and we’ll send you some swag to get rolling with.

What sector best describes your business:

The number of employees in your business:

Who has the better voice?

In a bit of a rout Jeffrey Way takes the prize for best Laravel voice. Congrats on bragging rights for 2017 Jeff!

I'd like to see Laravel add:

This question was free form and here is a few answers on what respondents would like to see.

  • Autoscaling to forge
  • Official docker images
  • MongoDb support
  • Sqlsrv in linux
  • Documentation on the "inner" workings of the framework.
  • Native CRUD generator
  • Native form generation helpers
  • Better model inheritance support
  • Full i-18 support and build in tools for localization.
  • More providers for Scout.
  • More Elixir capabilities
  • Improve the Testing Wrappers around PHPUnit
  • Not to change architecture with each release.
  • Helper classes and methods for API development, similar to dingo/api package (opt-in like php artisan make:auth)
  • Enterprise Support and Paid Training
  • More best practices examples for application from beginner to advanced


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