Bolt is a Laravel Form Builder for the TALL Stack


August 9th, 2023

Bolt is a Laravel Form Builder for the TALL Stack

Bolt is a Laravel form builder for your users, including a front and backend UI. It enables your users to create forms, with a lot of configuration options, such as breaking a form into sections, various input types, and more:

The administration panel also allows you to enable/disable a form, change the form presentation mode, and require a login to complete the form:

Once you create a form, you can render it within any Blade template using the provided component:

<livewire:bolt.fill-form slug="feedback" />

Bolt includes other useful features, such as:

  • Manage submissions
  • Manage forms
  • Highly customizable frontend scaffolding
  • Form section grouping
  • Control start and end dates of submissions
  • Option to require login
  • Built with the TALL stack
  • Uses Filament as an admin panel
  • Add any field from Filament plugins
  • Text input validation rules
  • Multi-language
  • and more...

The full documentation is available on, and you can view the source code on GitHub at lara-zeus/bolt.

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