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May 8th, 2017


Get instant alerts and detailed diagnostics for your Laravel errors. For a limited time, get a free t-shirt when you sign up and try Bugsnag.

“I depend on Bugsnag for error reporting across all of my production applications. It’s indispensable for helping me quickly find and squash bugs.” – Taylor Otwell, Creator of Laravel

Why Bugsnag?

Broken software is a major problem for engineering and product teams. Not only is it costly and time-consuming for engineers to invest already scarce time finding and fixing bugs, but undetected bugs can lead to customer churn and significant damage to your brand through negative word-of-mouth. In addition, mobile and web apps have become more fragmented, making it complex and time-consuming to test for all situations.

That said, with agile development becoming more pervasive across all industries, it is inevitable that bugs will be introduced into production.

All this adds up to a less than desirable experience for developers who are addressing errors. We understand that writing and shipping code is something that excites developers, but troubleshooting bugs can easily become unpleasant grunt work.

That’s why we built Bugsnag, an error-monitoring tool that allows your developers to identify, prioritize, and replicate bugs in a time-efficient and enjoyable manner. Bugsnag automatically detects errors in your mobile, front-end, and back-end applications, and provides your team the tools to fix things fast. Bugsnag provides clear insights on the frequency and user impact of each error, so your team can make informed prioritization decisions. Replicating and troubleshooting is easier with automatically collected diagnostic data on where and how an error occurred.

Identify & Fix Bugs Faster

  • On average, Bugsnag users become aware of bugs 73% faster
  • On average, Bugsnag users can fix an error 60% faster

Integrate with the Laravel Ecosystem

You can get started with Bugsnag’s Laravel error reporting in minutes. Use Composer to integrate Bugsnag into your app with just a few lines of code. Bugsnag works well with your Laravel tooling, and you can even monitor Lumen projects, too.

Over 3,500 of the world’s best engineering teams from organizations like Yelp, Comcast, Pandora, and others use Bugsnag to build better software.

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