Cherry Pick Specific Git Commits


March 8th, 2016

Matt Stauffer has a new tutorial on how to merge specific commits from a pull request.

Tonight I was looking at pull requests to all of my open source repositories, and there was a pull request that had started out great and then been ruined by someone offering bad advice to the original pull request-er. I later came back and asked, “Could you re-PR this with just the initial commits?” But by that point they had been driven off.

I thought it was hopeless, and just started pulling the code into a new branch. I could get it to work without any trouble but it wouldn’t give attribution to the original author, which I was hoping for.

After reading this tutorial I thought this should be something the Git GUI clients support and found that Tower actually does support it:

Tower allows you to perform a cherry-pick in two ways. After selecting the commits in any of Tower’s commit listings you can either…

  • right-click and choose the Cherry-Pick option from the contextual menu or…
  • drag the commit(s) and drop them onto the Working Copy item in Tower’s sidebar.

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