May 2018 Git Security Vulnerability
News / May 30, 2018

May 2018 Git Security Vulnerability

Upgrade Git to address CVE 2018-11235 which is a new industry-wide security vulnerability in Git that can lead to arbitrary code execution when a user operates in a malicious repository.

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The Git client Tower Launches it’s First V3 Public Beta
News / March 26, 2018

The Git client Tower Launches it’s First V3 Public Beta

Tower launched it’s first free public beta for the all-new V3 and it’s free to try for both macOS and Windows.

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Resolving Git Conflicts with Git Mergetool
Development Tools / August 16, 2017

Resolving Git Conflicts with Git Mergetool

I’ve honed my workflow for resolving conflicts during git merges and rebases over the years. Along the way, I’ve added the `git mergetool` command to my toolbelt, which makes me productive while merging routine merge conflicts in git. By default on OS X, git uses vimdiff as the mergetool, but in this video I am going to show you how to use the bundled Filemerge app to visually merge code conflicts with git on OS X.

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GitScrum: A free open source application for your development team
Laravel Applications / December 12, 2016

GitScrum: A free open source application for your development team

GitScrum is a Laravel 5.3 application to helps teams use Git version control and the Scrum framework in the support for day-to-day task management.

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Git 2.10 is released
News / September 03, 2016

Git 2.10 is released

Git has released version 2.10 and the new version now includes progress reporting for pushes, better signature validation, and more. For those that like to customize their terminal colors, Git now understands italic and strikethrough attributes, hello Operator Mono. In addition, the %C(auto) placeholder has been fixed, color support now works out of the box …

Laravel Tutorials / March 10, 2016

Git Hot Tips

Wes Bos has a new post sharing lots of little Git Tips that people shared with him on Twitter. Don’t you just love little tips that make you say “How did I not know that?!”? Small incremental improvements are the way that you inch towards mastery of a topic. Every day I learn little things …

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Laravel Tutorials / March 08, 2016

Cherry Pick Specific Git Commits

Matt Stauffer has a new tutorial on how to merge specific commits from a pull request. Tonight I was looking at pull requests to all of my open source repositories, and there was a pull request that had started out great and then been ruined by someone offering bad advice to the original pull request-er. …

Laravel Tutorials / October 08, 2015

Beginners Guide to Git Rebasing

If you’ve ever submitted a pull request to an open source there is a good chance you’ve heard these two awful words: Please Rebase At this point you either throw your hands up and say oh well or start researching how to actually do a rebase. The official documentation is rather confusing because it attempts …

PSA: Hide your .git/config directory
Laravel Tutorials / August 06, 2015

PSA: Hide your .git/config directory

A lot of developers have horror stories about doing stupid things that cause security issues. A few years ago I was creating an open source app and accidentally committed and pushed up a config file containing my email login and password. It went completely unnoticed until a very nice guy emailed me and told me …

Forge now supports any git provider
News / August 13, 2014

Forge now supports any git provider

Laravel Forge now supports any git provider. To show you how to set it up and for more information check out this special Laracasts episode by Taylor. In this supplementary episode, Taylor Otwell, himself (creator of Laravel and Forge), will take you on a tour of some new additions to Laravel Forge. I’ve been using …


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