Early Access to the Laravel 8 Upgrade Guide


September 1st, 2020

Early Access to the Laravel 8 Upgrade Guide

The Laravel 8 upgrade guide is available early if you want to start planning your upgrades from Laravel 7:

Laravel 8.x upgrade guide is up early if you want to take a peek! https://t.co/ZqYGWEXp5S

— Taylor Otwell (@taylorotwell) August 31, 2020

A few of the high-impact changes you’ll want to consider include:

Factories change significantly in Laravel 8. Existing apps using Laravel 7 factories will likely need to install the laravel/legacy-factories package to support the previous generation of factories. Another option would be to upgrade all your factories to the Laravel 8 style.

Pagination defaults have changed in v8, with Tailwind being the new default. This means if you’re relying on the previous default of Bootstrap, you’ll need to add the following to the AppServiceProvider boot method:

use Illuminate\Pagination\Paginator;

Be sure the check out the upgrade guide for specifics on all the areas that may impact your existing applications. Laravel 8 will be released a week from Today, on September 8th, 2020! The estimated upgrade time from Laravel 7 to Laravel 8 is 15 minutes.

In the meantime, be sure to check out new features coming to Laravel 8.

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