Envoyer – Zero Downtime PHP Deployments


March 9th, 2015

Envoyer – Zero Downtime PHP Deployments

Taylor Otwell has been working on a new product named Envoyer. Envoyer is focused on the deployment side of applications and includes things like zero downtime deploys, health checks, cron job monitoring, and more.

Last year Laravel Forge burst onto the scene by creating a simple solution for provisioning servers and by having it fine tuned for Laravel applications. Although, it include automatic deployments it’s primary goal was the provisioning and the painless setup.

Envoyer on the other hand focus totally on the deployment side. Completing the circle of Laravel’s motto. From Download to Deploy.

To sum it up here is what Taylor said about the announcement:

Forge and Envoyer are match made in heaven. Forge builds PHP servers with latest goodies. Envoyer ships your code to them with no downtime.

Both Envoyer and Forge are not Laravel specific, but some people couldn’t use Forge because of their existing servers or other reasons. Envoyer, on the other hand, is agnostic and can be used for any PHP app on any server. Even existing.

The scheduled launch date for Envoyer is next week, and I’m sure it will be a great service to make all your deployments simple.

Update: Envoyer is now launched and you can read more about it in an exclusive interview with Taylor Otwell.

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