GitHub CLI 1.0 Released


September 18th, 2020


GitHub announced the release of CLI 1.0 to interact with GitHub from the command line with issues, pull requests, releases, and more!

GitHub CLI 1.0 is here

Take GitHub to the command line and interact with repositories, issues, pull requests, releases, and more.

– [x] Free and open source
– [x] Available for macOS, Windows, Linux
– [x] GitHub Enterprise Server supported

Download it now:

— GitHub (@github) September 17, 2020

The contributions leading up to the 1.0 version on this package is insane! Over 250,000 pull requests and 20,000 issues:

Earlier this year, we announced the beta of GitHub CLI. Since we released the beta, users have created over 250,000 pull requests, performed over 350,000 merges, and created over 20,000 issues with GitHub CLI. We’ve received so much thoughtful feedback, and today GitHub CLI is out of beta and available to download on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

If you’re like me and have already been trying the beta releases on mac, update to 1.0 with brew:

1brew upgrade gh

There are a few other ways to install gh, so check your install if you’re on a different operating system or installed it differently. The repo has installation instructions for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

You can read the official announcement post for more details and check out the GitHub CLI website to get started.

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