GitLab raises an additional $20 million and announces their master plan

GitLab raises an additional $20 million and announces their master plan

Just off of GitLab’s 8.11 release, today they announced a new $20 million Series B funding and have outlined their master plan on how they are going to attempt to revolutionize developers workflow.

To help you get faster from idea to production, we are focusing on more than just the best tools, we are working to create the most natural and cohesive process to closely mirror the way developers work without duplicating effort or distraction of switching to multiple platforms. This additional capital gives us an incredible opportunity to expand our product offerings, create more collaborative tools and support development teams of all sizes.

Their vision is to create an integrated set of tools for the software development lifecycle, all within a single user interface:

  1. Idea (Chat)
  2. Issue (Tracker)
  3. Plan (Board)
  4. Code (IDE)
  5. Commit (Repo)
  6. Test (CI)
  7. Review (MR)
  8. Staging (CD)
  9. Production (Chatops)
  10. Feedback Cycle Analytics)

You can read more about their future plans on their master plan and they are having a live YouTube event at 1pm ET to cover all the details.

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