Goodbye Laravel Bundles

With a sad heart Laravel just announced that the bundles site will be removed in two weeks. To share a little history the bundle site was the first Laravel application I ever built.

Taylor and I started our tenure at UserScape the same week in January 2012. One of my first tasks was to build the bundle site as a way of getting up to speed with Laravel and for the community. So this is a bitter sweet announcement for me.

The code is still up on GitHub and looking at it now, I cringe. They say: “If you don’t look back on code that you wrote a year ago in disgust, then you’ve stopped improving”, and well, yes I have improved since then.

What is brilliant about the Laravel community is the sharing of knowledge. By watching Laracasts, reading books, hanging out in IRC, and attending the conference you are going to improve as long as you keep learning and practicing.

Update: I’ve had a few people ask why they are being removed and what the alternative is. The site itself hasn’t seen but one bundle update in the past 6 months so its pretty much a ghost town. The alternative would be to go ahead and move to composer and/or just track the bundle(s) you use directly from github.

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