Honeybadger for Nova


October 5th, 2018

Honeybadger for Nova

Since the release of Laravel Nova we’ve seen a lot of cool packages come out and even a whole new site dedicated to listing all the tools available. Based on what you are building with Nova some packages will work better for you than others, but one thing is for sure you should always be keeping up with application errors. That is where this new package by Honeybadger comes in.

Marcel Pociot, the creator of Botman and many other Laravel packages, has built Honeybadger for Laravel Nova which is a custom resource tool to add Honeybadger error tracking output to Laravel Nova. It’s a great addition to Nova and allows you to easily get access to error tracking information that is associated with specific users.

According to the release announcement:

The cool thing about the Honeybadger Laravel integration is that it automatically adds the context of the currently logged in user to the occurring exceptions. This means that every exception that happens while a user is logged in, is automatically tracked as belonging to a specific user ID.

This package looks like a great way of keeping with errors in your app, and to learn more about how it was created check out the release blog post.

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