Nova Packages

Nova Packages

The team at Tighten created to showcase Nova packages built by the Laravel community. The site is an index of user-contributed packages around Laravel Nova, in a beautiful, searchable index. Users can search, submit, and rate packages, as well as get individual package details and installation instructions.

Currently, there are around 119 packages at the time of writing with over 600 collaborators and over 14,000 Packagist downloads of the listed packages. You can search through the index of packages, as well as register with your GitHub account, and submit new packages.

Users submit packages to, but typically nova packages also use tags like #nova in the composer.json file, which is an easy way to search for Nova packages.

You don’t have to own the code or package to submit it, however, you can claim packages you’ve created by registering.

The initial development of led by Matt Stauffer, also included Daniel Coulbourne, Jake Bathman, and Jose Soto. The project included “ideas and input from the whole team,” according to Matt Stauffer.

Matt said that internally, the Tighten team has further plans for the site. Further, the community can submit issues and feature requests on GitHub. The site is viewed as a community service to promote Laravel and the ecosystem around Nova.

The design was an iterative process, starting with layout out the app in the browser using Tailwind, followed up with a design by Tighten designer Nohemi Olvera (@nolveraa).

Check out and submit your Nova packages!

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