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March 31st, 2021


A new version of Laravel Lambo is available, written from scratch in PHP:

Lambo is a command-line tool that replaces the Laravel installer and takes care of everyday tasks when creating a Laravel app:

  • Runs laravel new
  • Initializes a git repo
  • Replaces the .env database credentials with the default macOS MySQL credentials
  • Replaces the APP_URL with the conventional Valet URL based on folder and Valet TLD
  • Generates an app key
  • Opens the project in your favorite editor
  • Opens the project in the browser

You can also customize behavior by creating a config file and an "after" file to run additional commands after creating the project.

lambo new example-app command line output

You install this project globally with composer, similar to other tools like the Laravel Installer:

1composer global require tightenco/lambo:^1.0

The source code provides an excellent example of how to craft CLI applications using PHP and tools like Laravel, Symfony, and Laravel Zero.

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Paul Redmond

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