Laracasts: What’s New In Laravel 6


September 4th, 2019

Laracasts: What’s New In Laravel 6

Laravel 6 is out with a host of new exciting features including lazy collections, the new default error page Ignition, improved authorization responses, job middleware, and Eloquent subquery enhancements.

In order to get you up to speed on the latest features with practical examples, Laracasts started a “What’s New In Laravel 6” series:

Laravel 6 is now available! Go download it and then catch up on what's new each day this week on Laracasts. First up is a review of lazy collections, contributed by @joseph_silber.

— Jeffrey Way (@jeffrey_way) September 3, 2019

The series is still in development, and so far we have a video about Lazy Collections with a new video out each day this week. You can subscribe to the series to get notifications when new episodes are released.

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