20 Talk Videos from Laracon EU are now live and available

20 Talk Videos from Laracon EU are now live and available

Laracon EU held back in August has now released all the talk videos in a YouTube playlist.

It features the following speakers and talks:

  • Taylor Otwell – Keynote
  • Tihomir Opacic – The State Of Content Management
  • Evan You – Modern Frontend with Vue.js
  • Matthias Noback – Please Understand Me
  • Gabriela D’avila – Making the most out of MySQL
  • Freek van der Herten – Taking care of backups with Laravel
  • Franz Liedke – Web accessibility for Artisans
  • Adam Wathan – Curing the common loop
  • Gemma Cameron – Bringing User Stories to Life
  • Frank de Jonge – One Box Doesn’t fit all
  • Christophe Willemsen – Your own recommendation Engine with Neo4j AND Reco4PHP
  • Abed Halaw – The lucid architecture for building scalable applications
  • Jon Acker – TDD is dead, long live TDD
  • Mitchell van Wijngaarden – Future is a thing of the past
  • Jeroen vd Gulik – How to Effectively grow a Development team
  • Edward Coleridge Smith – How to avoid database migration hell
  • Geshan Manandher – Embrace chatops, stop installing deployment software
  • Hannes Van De Vreken – IOC container beyond constructor injection
  • Lily Dart – No Excuse, User Research
  • Caryn Humphreys & Jesse O’Brien – Project Utopia

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