20 Talk Videos from Laracon EU are now live and available


October 7th, 2016


Laracon EU held back in August has now released all the talk videos in a YouTube playlist.

It features the following speakers and talks:

  • Taylor Otwell – Keynote
  • Tihomir Opacic – The State Of Content Management
  • Evan You – Modern Frontend with Vue.js
  • Matthias Noback – Please Understand Me
  • Gabriela D’avila – Making the most out of MySQL
  • Freek van der Herten – Taking care of backups with Laravel
  • Franz Liedke – Web accessibility for Artisans
  • Adam Wathan – Curing the common loop
  • Gemma Cameron – Bringing User Stories to Life
  • Frank de Jonge – One Box Doesn’t fit all
  • Christophe Willemsen – Your own recommendation Engine with Neo4j AND Reco4PHP
  • Abed Halaw – The lucid architecture for building scalable applications
  • Jon Acker – TDD is dead, long live TDD
  • Mitchell van Wijngaarden – Future is a thing of the past
  • Jeroen vd Gulik – How to Effectively grow a Development team
  • Edward Coleridge Smith – How to avoid database migration hell
  • Geshan Manandher – Embrace chatops, stop installing deployment software
  • Hannes Van De Vreken – IOC container beyond constructor injection
  • Lily Dart – No Excuse, User Research
  • Caryn Humphreys & Jesse O’Brien – Project Utopia

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