Laravel 10.21 Released


August 30th, 2023

Laravel 10.21 Released

This week, the Laravel team released v10.21 with new string helper methods, countable failed job providers, improved HTTP pool return type, and more:

Laravel Str::convertCase() Method

Raúl Mauricio Uñate Castro contributed a convertCase() string method, which is a wrapper around the mb_convert_case function. It performs case folding on a string while taking into account character encoding and multi-byte characters:

use Illuminate\Support\Str;
// Convert to uppercase, including special characters.
$upper = Str::convertCase("The framework that brought PHP to life!", MB_CASE_UPPER);
// Convert to lowercase, including special characters.
$lower = Str::convertCase("The framework that brought PHP to life!", MB_CASE_LOWER);
// 'the framework that brought php to life!'
// Convert to title case, only the first letter of each word is uppercase.
$title = Str::convertCase("The framework that brought PHP to life!", MB_CASE_TITLE);
// 'The Framework That Brought Php To Life!'

Add broadcastAs() method to Broadcast Notification Created Event

Raphael Canguçu contributed a broadcastAs() method to the BroadcastNotificationCreated event. If the notification instance on this event has a broadcastAs method it can be used to return the broadcast name:

I add this function so it will get the broadcast event name as the same way it does for other events. I needed this, because I wanted to specify the event name , and without this function, it will get only the class name.

You can learn more about this change in Pull Request #48136.

Improved the PendingRequest::pool() return type

Choraimy Kroonstuiver contributed a nice DX improvement to the pool() method on the HTTP client.

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Http;
use Illuminate\Http\Client\Pool;
$responses = Http::pool(fn (Pool $pool) => [
$pool-›get('https: //'),
return $responses[0]->body();

Given the above code, you should get autocomplete for each response in the pool:

Laravel Start and end string replacement helpers

Joe Dixon contributed two string helpers to replace or prune a value at the start or end of a string. These will only be replaced if the given value exists at the start or end of the string, respectively.

Str::replaceEnd('/public', '/private', '/path/to/my/public/nested/public');
// /path/to/my/public/nested/private
Str::replaceStart('/public', '/private', '/public/path/to/my/public/nested/public');
// /private/path/to/my/public/nested/public

Allow failed job providers to be countable

Tim MacDonald contributed the ability to count the number of failed jobs using the failed job providers, for example, doing a count() query in the database instead of retrieving all records and running count($jobs) (not ideal).

Here's one implementation (DatabaseFailedJobProvider) from the pull request so you can get an idea of how it might work:

* Count the failed jobs.
* @param string|null $connection
* @param string|null $queue
* @return int
public function count($connection = null, $queue = null)
return $this->getTable()
->when($connection, fn ($builder) => $builder->whereConnection($connection))
->when($queue, fn ($builder) => $builder->whereQueue($queue))

Check out Pull Request #48177 and Pull Request #48216 for more details!

Release notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 10.20.0 and 10.21.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:


  • [10.x] Add broadcastAs function at BroadcastNotificationCreated by @raphaelcangucu in
  • [10.x] Fix createOrFirst on transactions by @tonysm in
  • [10.x] Improve PendingRequest::pool() return type by @axlon in
  • [10.x] Adds start and end string replacement helpers by @joedixon in
  • [10.x] Fix flaky test using microtime by @tonysm in
  • [10.x] Allow failed job providers to be countable by @timacdonald in
  • [10.x] Change the return type of getPublicToken function by @fahamjv in
  • [10.x] Fix flakey HttpClientTest test by @joshbonnick in
  • [10.x] Give access to job UUID in the job queued event by @timacdonald in
  • [10.x] Add serializeAndRestore() to QueueFake andBusFake by @cosmastech in
  • Add visibility Support for Scoped Disk Configurations by @okaufmann in
  • [10.x] Ensuring Primary Reference on Retry in createOrFirst() by @mpyw in
  • [10.x] Make the firstOrCreate methods in relations use createOrFirst behind the scenes by @tonysm in
  • [10.x] Enhancing updateOrCreate() to Use firstOrCreate() by @mpyw in
  • [10.x] Introduce short-hand "false" syntax for Blade component props by @ryangjchandler in
  • [10.x] Fix validation of attributes that depend on previous excluded attribute by @hans-thomas in
  • [10.x] Remove unused catch exception variables by @osbre in
  • Revert "feature: introduce short hand false syntax for component prop… by @driesvints in
  • [10.x] Return from maintenance middleware early if URL is excluded by @axlon in
  • [10.x] Array to string conversion error exception by @hans-thomas in
  • [10.x] Migrate to laravel/facade-documenter repository by @timacdonald in
  • Remove unneeded Return type in Docblock of Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder.php by @FrazerFlanagan in
  • [10.x] Fix issues with updated_at by @driesvints in
  • [10.x] Use Symfony Response in exception handler by @thomasschiet in
  • [10.x] Allow failed jobs to be counted by "connection" and "queue" by @timacdonald in
  • [10.x] Add method Str::convertCase by @rmunate in
  • [10.x] Make the updateOrCreate methods in relations use firstOrCreate behind the scenes by @mpyw in

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