Laravel 10.7 Released


April 12th, 2023

Laravel 10.7 Released

The Laravel PHP framework released version 10.7 this week, including new features and improvements contributed by various developers in the Laravel community.

One of the notable additions is the pipe() method in the Process layer, which allows commands to be run in sequence and pass the output of the previous command to the input of the next one.

Another addition is the setValue() method in the Validator class, which enables developers to set the value of a given attribute. Additionally, the release includes fixes for various bugs and issues reported by the Laravel community.

Let's take a closer look at the features and changes introduced in Laravel 10.7:

Added a pipe() method to the Process layer

Wendell Adriel contributed a pipe() method for the Process layer. This method will run commands in sequence and pass the output of the previous command to the input of the next one:

$pipe = Process::pipe(function ($pipe) {
$pipe->command('cat test.txt'),
$pipe->command('grep -i "foo"'),
$pipe->run()->output(); // "foo"

This can be handy when you need to chain the result of a group of commands.

Validator setValue() method

Joël Harkes contributed a setValue() method in the Validator class to set the value of a given attribute. The author of the PR gave this description for the need for this method:

For package development, I would like to make it possible for rules to override data to make the validation 'type-safe'. There is now no possible way to efficiently update a value inline. I can call setData() but it would completly reload the rules itself as well cause in big slowdown.

// with this PR:
$this->validator->setValue($attribute, $value);
// previously: very slow!
Arr::set($this->data, $attribute, $value);

If you'd like more details, check out the description for Pull Request #46716.

Check for invokable event listeners in tests

Luke Kuzmish contributed the ability to assert invokable event listeners which was previously not possible:

CreateDemandWorkOrder::class, // has __invoke() method

See Issue #46652 and Pull Request #46683 for details.

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 10.6.0 and 10.7.1 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Changed Illuminate/Process/Factory::pipe() method. It will be run pipes immediately (e34ab39)



  • Allow Illuminate/Foundation/Testing/WithFaker to be used when app is not bound (#46529)
  • Allow Event::assertListening to check for invokable event listeners (#46683)
  • Added Illuminate/Process/Factory::pipe() (#46527)
  • Added Illuminate/Validation/Validator::setValue (#46716)


  • PHP 8.0 fix for Closure jobs (#46505)
  • Fix preg_split error when there is a slash in the attribute in Illuminate/Validation/ValidationData (#46549)
  • Fixed Cache::spy incompatibility with Cache::get (#46689)
  • server command: Fixed server Closing output on invalid $requestPort (#46726)
  • Fix nested join when not JoinClause instance (#46712)
  • Fix query builder whereBetween method with carbon date period (#46720)


  • Removes unnecessary parameters in creatable() / destroyable() methods in Illuminate/Routing/PendingSingletonResourceRegistration (#46677)
  • Return non-zero exit code for uncaught exceptions (#46541)

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