Eager Load Relations of Morphed Models in Laravel 5.8.22


June 13th, 2019

Eager Load Relations of Morphed Models in Laravel 5.8.22

The Laravel team released v5.8.22 yesterday with a new morphWith method to eager load relationships of morphed models. This release is packed with new features so be sure to check out the full release notes and a few notes about some of the new features below.

First, a new @componentFirst directive was added, which is similar to how @includeFirst works:

@componentFirst(['missing/file', 'found/file'])
@slot('title', 'Test Component')

Next, a new withMorph method was added when you want to load relations of morphed models eagerly:

$comments = Comment::query()
->with(['commentable' => function (MorphTo $morphTo) {
$morphTo->morphWith([Post::class => ['user']]);

I would recommend checking out Pull Request #28647 for a better understanding of how this works. One benefit of this approach is that nested relationships are supported by using with (as seen in the above example).

Next, a new containsAll method was added to the Str utility class which determines if a given string contains all array values:

// true
Str::containsAll('taylor otwell', ['taylor', 'otwell']);
// false
Str::containsAll('taylor otwell', ['taylor', 'xxx']);

Next, error handling for maintenance mode commands was introduced which now outputs a failed message and an exit code of 1 if either up or down commands fail.

Next, the TestResponse::assertJsonValidationErrors method now has message value assertions which enables you to check both error keys and messages:

'key' => 'validation message'

The JSON validation errors message still allows index arrays which will assert a matching key, and a mix of both indexed array values and associative arrays of key and message values.

This assertion also accepts an array of messages:

'key' => ['validation message', 'another validation message'],

I also wanted to give a massive shout-out to Tetiana Blindaruk for handling the changelog and releases for Laravel. It’s not an easy job to consolidate all the merged pull requests and commits and format them into a clean changelog. Thank you, Tetiana!

You can see the full list of fixes below, and the whole diff between 5.8.21 and 5.8.22 on GitHub. The full release notes for Laravel 5.8 are available in the GitHub 5.8 changelog:



  • Added @componentFirst directive (#28783)
  • Added support for typed eager loads (#28647, d72e3cd)
  • Added Related and Recommended to Pluralizer (#28749)
  • Added Str::containsAll() method (#28806)
  • Added: error handling for maintenance mode commands (#28765, 9e20849)
  • Added message value assertion to TestResponse::assertJsonValidationErrors() (#28787)
  • Added: Automatically bind the viewAny method to the index controller action (#28820)


  • Fixed database rules with where clauses (#28748)
  • Fixed: MorphTo Relation ignores parent $timestamp when touching (#28670)
  • Fixed: Sql Server issue during dropAllTables when foreign key constraints exist (#28750, #28770)
  • Fixed Model::getConnectionName() when Model::cursor() used (#28804)


  • Made force an optional feature when using ConfirmableTrait. (#28742)
  • Suggest resolution when no relationship value is returned in the Model::getRelationshipFromMethod() (#28762)

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