New Session Input Assertion Method in Laravel 5.8.30


July 31st, 2019

New Session Input Assertion Method in Laravel 5.8.30

The Laravel team released v5.8.30 with a new assertSessionHasInput() method along with all the latest changes and fixes. This is a rather large release, so be sure to check out the full changelog for details.

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First up, two new testing methods were added for convenience: option() and optionJson() for making HTTP OPTION requests:


Next, new migration methods are available for UUID morphs which takes care of creating the columns necessary for the type, the UUID field, and index:

// UUID Morphs
// Or nullable UUID Morphs

The MailgunTransport class now has the capability of setting the endpoint if you need to switch domains and API endpoints:

$mailTransport = app()->make('mailer')->getSwiftMailer()->getTransport();

The WEBP mime is now valid in the built-in image validation rule.

Next, a new assertSessionHasInput() test method was added to the TestResponse class. With the new method you can avoid writing test assertions based on the internal name of flashed session data:

// Without the new method...
$response->assertSessionHas('_old_input', [
'connection_id' => $connection->id,
'repository' => $repository,
'source_branch' => $branch,
// As of v5.8.30 :)
'connection_id' => $connection->id,
'repository' => $repository,
'source_branch' => $branch,

Next, support for custom Redis driver is possible. Check out the pull request #29275 to learn more about the details.

And the last new feature is column collation support in Postgres:

Schema::create('users', function (Blueprint $table) {

Check out the columns section (under “Column Modifiers”) in the official docs for details.

You can see the full list of fixes below, and the whole diff between 5.8.29 and 5.8.30 on GitHub. The full release notes for Laravel 5.8 are available in the GitHub 5.8 changelog:



  • Added MakesHttpRequests::option() and MakesHttpRequests::optionJson() methods (#29258)
  • Added Blueprint::uuidMorphs() and Blueprint::nullableUuidMorphs() methods (#29289)
  • Added MailgunTransport::getEndpoint() and MailgunTransport::setEndpoint() methods (#29312)
  • Added WEBP to image validation rule (#29309)
  • Added TestResponse::assertSessionHasInput() method (#29327)
  • Added support for custom redis driver (#29275)
  • Added Postgres support for collation() on columns (#29213)


  • Fixed collections with JsonSerializable items and mixed values (#29205)
  • Fixed MySQL Schema Grammar $modifiers order (#29265)
  • Fixed UPDATE query bindings on PostgreSQL (#29272)
  • Fixed default theme for Markdown mails (#29274)
  • Fixed UPDATE queries with alias on SQLite (#29276)
  • Fixed UPDATE and DELETE queries with join bindings on PostgreSQL (#29306)
  • Fixed support of DateTime objects and int values in orWhereDay(), orWhereMonth(), orWhereYear() methods in the Builder (#29317)
  • Fixed DELETE queries with joins on PostgreSQL (#29313)
  • Prevented a job from firing if job marked as deleted (#29204, 1003c27)
  • Fixed model deserializing with custom Model::newCollection() (#29196)



  • Allocate memory for error handling to allow handling memory exhaustion limits (#29226)
  • Teardown test suite after using fail() method (#29267)

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