Laravel 9.48 Released


January 18th, 2023

Laravel 9.48 Released

The Laravel team released 9.48 this week with conditional fragment helpers, HTTP configuration options for Symfony mailers, a new DB schema helper, and more:

DB Schema helper to toggle foreign key constraints

Patrick Hesselberg contributed a withoutForeignKeyConstraints Schema method to conveniently disable foreign key constraints while managing a DB schema:

// Before
// After
Schema::withoutForeignKeyConstraints(function () {

New fragment helpers

Arko Elsenaar contributed a fragmentIf() method to return a fragment of a view conditionally. Sending a fragment is useful when sending a partial HTML view over the wire in XHR requests, for example:

// Before
if (request()->hasHeader('HX-Request')) {
return view('products.index')->fragment('products-list');
return view('products.index');
// After
return view('products.index')

Arko also contributed a fragments() method to return multiple fragments conveniently:

// Before using concatenation
view('welcome')->fragment('fragment1') . view('welcome')->fragment('fragment2');
// After
view('welcome')->fragments(['fragment1', 'fragment2']);

Building on Arko's first PR, the fragmentIf() has an accompanying fragmentsIf() method to conditionally render an array of fragments:

['fragment1', 'fragment2']

Increment each query builder method

Iman contributed an incrementEach() method to increment multiple columns with a single query atomically:

DB::table('products')->where('id', 2)->incrementEach([
'in_store' => 2,
'in_stock' => 3,
'total' => 5,
], ['updated_at' => now()]);

Drop an index when modifying a column

Hafez Divandari contributed the ability to drop an index by its conventional name when modifying a column by passing false to unique:


Configure custom HTTP client options for mailers

Dries Vints contributed the configuration of custom HTTP client options for Symfony's Postmark and Mailgun mailers:

'mailgun' => [
'transport' => 'mailgun',
'client' => [
'timeout' => 7.5 // Seconds

You can find the configuration options referenced in the Symfony Docs.

402 status code exception view

Zep Fietje contributed an exception view for the nonstandard 402 status code:

Currently no error page exists for exceptions with an HTTP status code of 402 Payment Required.

Even though it's a nonstandard response status code , it's used by multiple large companies to indicate functionality limited due to a payment being required.

HTTP client "notFound()" response helper

Erik Gaal contributed a notFound() HTTP client response helper that provides a convenience around checking for a 404 response:

$response = Http::get('');
// Checking the status code
if ($response->status() === 404) {
// New helper method
if ($response->notFound()) {

Release Notes

You can see the complete list of new features and updates below and the diff between 9.47.0 and 9.48.0 on GitHub. The following release notes are directly from the changelog:



  • Added Illuminate/Database/Schema/Builder::withoutForeignKeyConstraints() (#45601)
  • Added fragments() \ fragmentIf() \ fragmentsIf() methods to Illuminate/View/View.php class (#45656, #45669)
  • Added incrementEach() and decrementEach() to Illuminate/Database/Query/Builder (#45577)
  • Added ability to drop an index when modifying a column (#45513)
  • Allow to set HTTP client for mailers (#45684)
  • Added 402 exception view (#45682)
  • Added notFound() helper to Http Client response (#45681)



  • Ignore whitespaces/newlines when finding relations in model:show command (#45608)
  • Fail queued job with a string messag (#45625)
  • Allow fake() helper in unit tests (#45624)
  • allow egulias/email-validator v4 (#45649)
  • Force countBy method in EloquentCollection to return base collection (#45663)
  • Allow for the collection of stubs to be published (#45653)

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