Laravel Elixir Version 3 is released


July 29th, 2015

Laravel Elixir

Laravel Elixir version 3 is now released and available for everyone. This release features some exciting new features included true sequential tasks, more explicit logging, and easier configuration.

Sequential tasks

With version 2 this code:


Would trigger both sass calls before moving on to the coffee task. Now with version three these would processed in order.

More explicit logging

The Terminal will now detail the exact source and output files/directories that the current task is referencing (based upon your Gulpfile).

[![New Elixir Logging](](
New Elixir Logging
Better File Validation ----------------------
[![File Not Found in Elixir](](
File Not Found in Elixir
Simpler Extensions ------------------
1Elixir.extend('speak', function(message) {
3 new Task('speak', function() {
4 return gulp.src('').pipe(shell('say ' + message));
5 })
6 .watch('./app/**');
10// mix.speak('Hello World');

More Information

For more information on Elixir v3, check out the official release announcement which outlines all the changes. Also, Laracasts has added new videos to the Painless builds with Elixir series covering these.

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