Laravel Elixir Will Be Renamed To Laravel Mix
Laravel 5.4 / December 23, 2016

Laravel Elixir Will Be Renamed To Laravel Mix

Laravel Elixir first came out in October of 2014 and aimed to make automating concatenation, and general file watching easier than setting it up manually. Built on top of Gulp as a wrapper to remove all the difficult parts it has been a popular addition to Laravel. The next version of Laravel Elixir is changing …

Overriding Laravel Elixir Configs
Laravel Tutorials / November 28, 2016

Overriding Laravel Elixir Configs

Laravel Elixir is fantastic for your Laravel projects and it comes with defaults that “just work” within a Laravel application. It works so well that I like to use it for managing all my asset processing even in apps that are not on Laravel. As an example, I wanted to create a new WordPress theme …

Introduction to Rollup.js
Laravel Tutorials / November 10, 2016

Introduction to Rollup.js

Rollup is a next-generation JavaScript module bundler. Using it you can build your app or library using ES2015 modules, then efficiently bundle them up into a single file. This helps combat the problem of the ever-growing size and complexity of your scripts. It gives us the ability to divide our programs into modules, so we …

Installing Bourbon and Neat with Laravel Elixir
Laravel Tutorials / October 04, 2016

Installing Bourbon and Neat with Laravel Elixir

Laravel Elixir is a wrapper that simplifies working with Gulp, it makes compiling, concating, minifying and versioning your JavaScript and CSS files very fluent and easy. Because many projects using Bootstrap, when you start a new Laravel project, you will find that it is included by default as a basic starting point, but Laravel does …

Setup Bootstrap Sass with Laravel Elixir
Laravel Tutorials / October 19, 2015

Setup Bootstrap Sass with Laravel Elixir

Laravel Elixir is a fantastic package that simplifies working with Gulp. For the unfamiliar Gulp is a JavaScript task runner that allows you to automate tasks. It can be used for compiling CSS, concating and minifying JavaScript, and much more. Gulp was designed to be faster than previous build tools by utilizing node streams and …

How to add Tagging to your Laravel App
Laravel Tutorials / October 12, 2015

How to add Tagging to your Laravel App

In recent years, tagging systems have become a popular way of categorizing items, and you can find them in almost every app. From blog posts to todo lists, they all have tagging implementations. Let’s look at how easy integrating a tagging system is in a Laravel app. In the Laravel Links app I created a …

News / October 05, 2015

Laravel Elixir now with Browsersync

Laravel Elixir 3.3 now includes support for Browsersync which is a way to get real-time browser feedback based on your changes. For example if you change your style sheet or a view file, the browser automatically reloads showing you the results. Here is how the Browsersync project describes it: With each web page, device and …

News / July 29, 2015

Laravel Elixir Version 3 is released

Laravel Elixir version 3 is now released and available for everyone. This release features some exciting new features included true sequential tasks, more explicit logging, and easier configuration. Sequential tasks With version 2 this code: mix.sass(‘one.scss’).coffee(‘module.coffee’).sass(‘two.scss’); Would trigger both sass calls before moving on to the coffee task. Now with version three these would processed …

Laravel Tutorials / July 16, 2015

Setting up Laravel and Vue.js

Russ Weas has created a tutorial on setting up a Laravel project with Vue.js. In this tutorial, he uses Laracasts, Workflow With Browserify and Elixir as a starting point and builds off it. This tutorial also has a companion Laravue GitHub project that is designed as a starting point for working with Vue and Laravel.

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Laravel Tutorials / April 10, 2015

Run Gulp Tasks in Laravel Easily with Elixir

Samuel Oloruntoba has a new tutorial over on Scotch.io showing you how to use Elixir. He steps you through how to use all the included ingredients and explains the config array you can pass in.

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