Laravel Is Number One. Again!


March 30th, 2015


This year marks the second year in a row that Laravel won SitePoint’s framework survey. Laravel dominated the competition and it’s an amazing feat if you consider the frameworks first release was just a few years ago.

In the announcement post, Bruno shares his thoughts on why Laravel is winning by talking about the marketing, documentation, and training through Laracasts. Yes, all of those are important, but as I wrote in the weekly Laravel newsletter yesterday I think he skimmed over the real reason.

Laravel is winning because it focuses on the end user first. It’s a product that is designed to take as much pain away as possible, while having a friendly expressive API to make PHP enjoyable. In fact, I would argue if you took away every feature he mentions, Laravel would still top the charts based on this alone.

Secondly, Laravel has a great community. Everyone in the Slack channel is friendly and approachable, people are constantly sharing tips and tutorials, and, of course, awesome packages.

In the end, all of these intangible features work together to make Laravel the leading PHP framework and I can’t see the scales being tilted next year.

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Eric L. Barnes

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