Simple Ad, Banner, and Callouts Manager for Laravel


January 27th, 2023

Simple Ad, Banner, and Callouts Manager for Laravel

Laravel Smart Ads is a simple Ad, Banner, and Callouts Manager for Laravel.

You can use this package to create ads and place them somewhere on your website with the provided JavaScript and Blade component:

<script src="{{ asset('vendor/smart-ads/js/smart-banner.js') }}"></script>
{{-- Manual placement --}}
<x-smart-ad-component slug="your-example-ad"/>

As you can see above, the <x-smart-ad-component/> lets you place an ad via a template. The second way the package allows you to place ads is the automatic route, which enables you to provide a CSS selector to where the ad should render in the DOM. This package also gives you a dashboard and tracks ad clicks by default.

You can get started with this package in your Laravel app by installing it via composer with the following:

composer require 5balloons/laravel-smart-ads

Check out laravel-smart-ads on GitHub for the source code and detailed instructions on using this package.

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