Laravel Tailwind Merge


June 20th, 2023

Laravel Tailwind Merge

Laravel Tailwind Merge is a package that automatically resolves Tailwind CSS class conflicts in Laravel. This allows you to merge multiple Tailwind classes and resolves conflicts.

Here's a basic example from the README. Given the following code in a blade component:

// circle.blade.php
<div {{ $attributes->twMerge('w-10 h-10 rounded-full bg-red-500') }}></div>

Here's a usage example with the above circle component:

{{-- your-view.blade.php --}}
<x-circle class="bg-blue-500" />
{{-- Output --}}
<div class="w-10 h-10 rounded-full bg-blue-500"></div>

Here are some more examples from the readme of the inner workings of the merge method. You can use the provided TailwindMerge facade:

use TailwindMerge\Laravel\Facades\TailwindMerge;
// block and inline are conflicting; The last rule wins.
TailwindMerge::merge('block inline'); // inline
// px-6 overrides pl-4
TailwindMerge::merge('pl-4 px-6'); // px-6
// with breakpoints
TailwindMerge::merge('h-10 lg:h-12 lg:h-20'); // h-10 lg:h-20
// dark mode
TailwindMerge::merge('text-black dark:text-white dark:text-gray-700');
// text-black dark:text-gray-700
// etc.

You can also use the @twMerge Blade directive as well:

@twMerge('w-10 h-10 rounded-full bg-red-500 bg-blue-500')
{{-- w-10 h-10 rounded-full bg-blue-500 --}}

You can learn more about this package, get full installation instructions, and view the source code on GitHub.

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