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Taylor Otwell dropped a fantastic announcement and demo at Laracon AU—Laravel Telescope. What is Telescope you ask? It’s a new application debugging assistant for Laravel built by Mohamed Said and Taylor Otwell. It will be open-source on GitHub with an anticipated release of next week some time.

During my time with Symfony 2, one of the things I enjoyed was the out-of-the-box debug toolbar. I am excited that Laravel is getting a Laravel-created debugging tool!

In typical Laravel fashion, Mohamed and Taylor built a valuable tool that is going to help you develop Laravel applications faster and get to the bottom of debugging your app. Telescope is going to be your new command center for developing and working with things like queues, mail, logging, authenticated users, and caching to name a few.

Here’s a screenshot of the UI demonstrating the Requests tab:

Matt Stauffer, who is attending Laracon AU, has an excellent writeup Introducing Laravel Telescope with screenshots live from the conference. Here’s the list of tabs Matt mentions that you can inspect in the Telescope UI:

  • Requests
  • Commands
  • Schedule
  • Jobs
  • Exceptions
  • Logs
  • Dumps
  • Queries
  • Models
  • Events
  • Mail
  • Notifications
  • Cache
  • Redis

One feature I liked was linking to the request from other tabs, as well as linking to exceptions from the request. As request debugging is useful in context with additional details, linking events demonstrates the detail-oriented thoughtfulness we are accustomed to seeing in the Laravel ecosystem.

To me, Telescope is an early Christmas present I didn’t know I needed, but after seeing it, fills in so many gaps in my development workflow!

Nobody in the industry is building (nor has) as complete an ecosystem as Laravel. Laravel’s offerings comprise the best-in-class most complete application development framework on the market.

Keep an eye on @laravelphp on Twitter, and of course the Laravel Newsletter for the launch announcement next week! Also, do yourself a favor and check out Matt Stauffer’s article for a detailed breakdown of Telescope.

A massive shout-out to Mohamed Said and Taylor Otwell for bringing us Telescope!

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