Mastering PhpStorm


March 22nd, 2021

Mastering PhpStorm

When we talk about developing for PHP, there is one IDE that stands out: PhpStorm. It knows your application like no other editor.

But it comes with some drawbacks. The moment you install it, it looks ugly, you are overwhelmed by the number of features thrown at your face, and everything feels slow.

Mastering PhpStorm is a video course that rescues you from this mess. It helps PhpStorm beginners by setting everything up together step by step and benefits advanced PhpStorm users by providing all these little tips and tricks to improve their development workflow even further.

It's a video course for the state-of-the-art PHP developer who wants to work efficiently and successfully in a beautiful IDE.

Make It Beautiful

The look of an IDE has become more and more important these days. We want to code in a beautiful and simple environment with no distractions. That's the opposite of what PhpStorm looks like by default. Menu bars and buttons are all over the place, and you have no idea where to look first. It's hard to feel comfortable in such a place.

PhpStorm how it looks by default

Mastering PhpStorm shows you how to transition to a beautiful, simple, and clean setup. It explains how to customize every little detail of PhpStorm to your personal needs. You should feel at home while coding. Mastering PhpStorm shifts the focus on what is most important: your code.

It also comes with a beautiful custom Theme, "Rios," which you can install and use immediately.

PhpStorm how it looks with the included custom theme

Tools That Make a Difference

You don't have to use everything PhpStorm has to offer. Some tools are more valuable than others. Christoph Rumpel, your teacher, has tried them all and now shares what has made it into his development workflow. You will learn all the essentials of refactoring, testing, working with version control, and debugging.

PhpStorm Run Anything Prompt

Working Fast In A Slow IDE

We know PhpStorm is not famous for being the fastest editor out there. That's ok because it shines somewhere else. It knows your code.

Still, we need to work efficiently; is that too much to ask for? It's not. Handling such a powerful IDE is hard, but with the right tips and shortcuts, you can do this!

While watching PhpStorm, you will see how much we are capable of by just using our keyboard. The course also includes a shortcuts cheat sheet to help you get started.

A Battle-Tested Development Workflow by Christoph Rumpel

Christoph Rumpel is a PHP developer and PhpStorm Instructor from Austria.

PhpStorm has been the IDE of his choice for years now, and he knows about the mentioned drawbacks. He had to master PhpStorm the hard way, but you don't have to be alone in doing this! He created this course so that you can learn all these things with his guidance. Let him help you to get the best out of your IDE setup.

Mastering PhpStorm is the course he wishes he had when he started working with this IDE.

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