MySQL for Developers Course is Live

March 21st, 2023

MySQL for Developers Course is Live

The long-awaited MySQL for Developers course by Aaron Francis went live today! This course is free, consisting of over 7 hours and 64 videos with everything a developer needs to know about MySQL.

This course does not require previous database experience, and lands within the beginner to intermediate-level space, covering the following key topics in detail:

  • Schema: what makes an effective and efficient table?
  • Indexing: what is an index and how it works?
  • Querying: writing efficient and effective queries
  • Putting it all together: examples for application developers

If you haven't had the pleasure of learning from Aaron's incredible talks, tutorials, videos, and content, you should not pass up the opportunity to become an expert with MySQL:

This course covers everything you need to know to become an expert user of MySQL as a developer. We’ll start with the basics of schema and data types, move on to indexing and querying, and finish up with real-world examples. By the end of the course, you’ll have a deep understanding of how to build efficient and effective MySQL databases that work well for your applications. I hope you enjoy the course and learn a lot!

You can get started by checking out Course introduction — MySQL for Developers on the PlanetScale website.

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