Beautiful onboarding experiences for Filament Admin


May 1st, 2023

Beautiful onboarding experiences for Filament Admin

The Onboarding Manager Pro is a premium package that allows you to create beautiful onboarding experiences for Filament Admin in minutes.

Configurable from a simple service provider, it allows you to:

  • Prevent users from accessing Filament without first completing required parts of your onboarding.
  • Add optional onboarding steps with the beautiful dashboard widget.
  • Guide your users through one or multiple wizards.
  • Redirect users to links (e.g. for an OAuth-process) or guide them through a multi-step wizard.
  • Beautiful design & integration with Filament Admin.
  • Advanced widget design with native support for columns and column spans.
  • Support for dark mode. 🌚
  • Can be easily translated with a language file.
  • Redirect to custom route after completing onboard flow.

Creating tracks

Creating onboarding flows is called creating "tracks". Tracks can be easily created from a service provider (for example, an OnboardingServiceProvider):

use Filament\Facades\Filament;
use RalphJSmit\Filament\Onboard\Facades\Onboard;
public function boot(): void
Filament::serving(function() {
Onboard::addTrack(/** Your steps */)

In each track, you can add steps that symbolize a step that a user takes in your application. For example, consider an OAuth-flow of a third party app:

Onboard::addStep(name: 'Connect Notion', identifier: 'widget::connect-notion')
->description('Sign in with Notion and grant access to your workspace.')
->link('Add workspace →', route('callbacks.notion.authorize'))
->completeIf(fn () => auth()->user()->workspaces()->exists())
// Other steps
// Onboard::addStep(/** */)...
// Onboard::addStep(/** */)...

Next, register the RalphJSmit\Filament\Onboard\Widgets\OnboardTrackWidget as a dashboard widget and voilà:

Dashboard onboarding widget

If you want to force users to complete the step before being allowed to access the admin panel, you can mark the track as necessary to complete using the ->completeBeforeAccess():

// Add middleware: RalphJSmit\Filament\Onboard\Http\Middleware\OnboardMiddleware
// Add track:
Onboard::addStep(name: 'Connect Notion', identifier: 'widget::connect-notion')
->link('Add workspace →', route('callbacks.notion.authorize'))
->completeIf(fn () => auth()->user()->workspaces()->exists()),

Completing the onboarding flow before gaining access

Complex layouts

If you want to create complex layouts, you can use the ->columns() and ->columnSpan() methods to create beautiful grid layouts.

The individual cards will automatically wrap to the next row if there is no more space.

It also supports changing the ->columnSpan() and nr of ->columns() on different breakpoints, so you can craft a different layout for e.g. mobile v. desktop v. ultra-wide devices.

The onboarding widget will automatically display the completed steps in green, and the uncompleted steps in your primary color:

Onboard::addStep('Create list', 'widget::create-list')
->completeIf(fn () => auth()->user()->lists()->exists()),
Onboard::addStep('Connect', 'widget::connect')
->completeIf(fn () => auth()->user()->workspaces()->exists()),
Onboard::addStep('Embed form on site', 'widget::embed-form')
->completeIf(fn () => auth()->user()->copied_embed_form !== null),
Onboard::addStep('Tweak the design', 'widget::tweak-design')
->completeIf(fn () => auth()->user()->designs->first->created_at->lt(auth()->user()->designs->first->updated_at)),
Onboard::addStep('Send newsletters', 'widget::send-newsletters')
->completeIf(fn () => auth()->user()->created_at->lt(now()->subWeek(2))),

Advanced widget design

Creating wizards

It is also possible to force your users to go through one or more wizards before they can complete the onboarding flow. For example, you can use this to ensure that all your users have a complete profile (e.g. their address or other profile information) or that they have chosen a subscription plan:

Onboard::addStep('Your title', 'onboard::unique-identifier')
Step::make("Your label")
->statePath('step_1') // It is recommended to keep the form data in a separate array key for each step.
->label('Choose your trial plan')
'default' => 'Regular',
'pro' => 'Pro',
'unlimited' => 'Unlimited'
// More components...
// More steps...

Wizards in Filament Onboarding Manager


As you can see, it's really easy to create advanced and premium-looking onboarding flows to your Filament admin application.

You can buy the plugin as a single license with 2 installs and unlimited updates for €49 or an unlimited license for just €99.

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