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Quickly create, use and delete temporary directories

This package allows you to quickly create, use and delete a temporary directory in the system's temporary directory.

Here's a quick example on how to create a temporary directory and delete it:

use Spatie\TemporaryDirectory\TemporaryDirectory;
$temporaryDirectory = (new TemporaryDirectory())->create();
// Get a path inside the temporary directory
// Delete the temporary directory and all the files inside it

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You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/temporary-directory


Creating a temporary directory

To create a temporary directory simply call the create method on a TemporaryDirectory object.

(new TemporaryDirectory())->create();

Alternatively, use the static make method on a TemporaryDirectory object.


By default, the temporary directory will be created in a timestamped directory in your system's temporary directory (usually /tmp).

Naming your temporary directory

If you want to use a custom name for your temporary directory instead of the timestamp call the name method with a string $name argument before the create method.

(new TemporaryDirectory())

By default an exception will be thrown if a directory already exists with the given argument. You can override this behaviour by calling the force method in combination with the name method.

(new TemporaryDirectory())

Setting a custom location for a temporary directory

You can set a custom location in which your temporary directory will be created by passing a string $location argument to the TemporaryDirectory constructor.

(new TemporaryDirectory($location))

The make method also accepts a $location argument.


Finally, you can call the location method with a $location argument.

(new TemporaryDirectory())

Determining paths within the temporary directory

You can use the path method to determine the full path to a file or directory in the temporary directory:

$temporaryDirectory = (new TemporaryDirectory())->create();
$temporaryDirectory->path('dumps/datadump.dat'); // return /tmp/1485941876276/dumps/datadump.dat

Emptying a temporary directory

Use the empty method to delete all the files inside the temporary directory.


Deleting a temporary directory

Once you're done processing your temporary data you can delete the entire temporary directory using the delete method. All files inside of it will be deleted.


Deleting a temporary directory when the object is destroyed

If you want to automatically have the filesystem directory deleted when the object instance has no more references in its defined scope, you can enable deleteWhenDestroyed() on the TemporaryDirectory object.

function handleTemporaryFiles()
$temporaryDirectory = (new TemporaryDirectory())
// ... use the temporary directory
return; // no need to manually call $temporaryDirectory->delete()!

You can also call unset() on an object instance.


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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