Password Validation Rule Object in Laravel 8


April 27th, 2021

Password Validation Rule Object in Laravel 8

A new Password Rule object is now included in Laravel v8.39, thanks to the efforts of Nuno Maduro. The Password object has a fluent API for common password requirements as well as compromised passwords:

Originally released in Laravel 5.5, custom validation rule objects offer a fluent alternative to string-based rules. In its simplest form, the Password rule object replaces string-based validation rules:

// String-based
'password' => 'required|string|confirmed|min:8',
// Using the Password rule object
'password' => ['required', 'confirmed', Password::min(8)],

In addition to replacing string rules with a fluent password rule object, the custom password rule object includes built-in methods for ensuring strong passwords:

'password' => [

Never write custom regex logic for typical scenarios such as requiring mixed-case, letters, symbols, etc. The cherry on the top is the uncompromised() method which checks the password against a verification API to see if the password appears in data leaks. The release will ship with a NotPwnedVerifier implementation which uses the Have I Been Pwned API.

In addition to this excellent new custom validation object, Pull Request #36960 contains some good examples of using Laravel to test API calls and validation.

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