PEST 2.0 is Now Released


March 20th, 2023

PEST 2.0 is Now Released

PEST, a testing framework that focuses on simplicity, has just launched v2.0. In the announcement post, creator Nuno Maduro writes:

The Pest team is thrilled to unveil the release of Pest 2.0 after a development period of 18 months and over 500 commits. This release introduces several exciting features that promise to improve the user's experience. Among the notable enhancements are robust new plugins, refined syntax, and advanced options that streamline testing, enhance usability, and boost productivity.

Today we’re finally making the long-awaited release of Pest 2.0! Our creator is eager to showcase the exciting new features this version has to offer. Tune in to the video below to learn more.

PEST 2 main features include:

  • Powerful Architecture Plugin, for testing the architectural rules of your application with ease
  • Up To 60% Speed Improvements on "--parallel" testing, with our fully rewritten parallel core, enjoy significantly faster test runs
  • --profile option, to identify the slowest tests and optimize their execution
  • --compact printer, a minimal printer that only outputs information about test failures
  • --retry option, for saving time by running only previously unsuccessful tests
  • --dirty option, for only running tests with uncommitted changes
  • --bail option, to immediately terminate the test suite upon encountering an error or failure.
  • todo() method, for creating todos within your test suite
  • Expectation Interceptors and Pipes, allowing you to tailor your expectations to fit your specific testing needs
  • Scoped Datasets, for creating datasets that pertain only to a specific feature or set of folders
  • And more

For those already using PEST, check out the Upgrade Guide to install the latest version in your existing projects. For new projects, visit the Installation guide.

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