PhpStorm 2022.3 is released with a new UI, PHP 8.2 support, and more


December 8th, 2022

PhpStorm 2022.3 is released with a new UI, PHP 8.2 support, and more

PhpStorm, the PHP IDE by JetBrains, released version 2022.3 this week with a new UI, PHP 8.2 support, quick-fix previews, code vision, reader mode for PHPDocs, and more.

This release contains impressive major improvements and plenty of small quality-of-life improvements. Here's the gist of everything noteworthy, with a link to the full announcement post below for the full list of everything:

  • New UI (preview)
  • PHP 8.2 support, such as readonly classes, deprecated dynamic properties, type system improvements, and more.
  • Code vision - shows things like codeowners, usage, and the number of implementations of interfaces
  • Quick-fix preview
  • Reader mode for PHPDoc blocks
  • Improved quick documentation
  • Datetime format preview
  • Database: Redis support
  • Run tests with ParaTest
  • Run single data sets with PHPUnit's data providers
  • Use external format tools like PHP CS Fixer or PHP Codesniffer
  • Prophecy mocking support
  • Blade improvements
  • And more

This PhpStorm release is impressive, and I love all the new improvements. The new UI is beautiful and feels new!

While all these new features are exciting, we are Laravel News after all! So what has improved in PhpStorm for Laravel specifically?

There were two things mentioned specifically for Blade:

  • Closing directives will now be automatically closed when possible.
  • Code usage detection has also improved in Blade files, so you should see less false highlighting on usage.

Learn more

If you like a visual, PhpStorm dev advocate Brent Roose walks through what's new in this video:

For the full release announcement, check out the PhpStorm 2022.3 announcement post.

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