Simple Automatic Upgrades for Tailwind CSS with Shift


May 4th, 2021


On Monday Shift officially released Tailwind Shifts for upgrading Tailwind projects all the way back to Tailwind 0.x. While beta versions of these Shifts were launched in March, they are now considered stable after being run on over 100 Tailwind projects.

Similar to the Laravel Shifts, the Tailwind Shifts automate the process of upgrading your Tailwind projects between major versions of Tailwind. This includes tedious tasks like renaming utilities, bumping dependencies, and restructuring your Tailwind configuration file.

In addition to upgrading Tailwind, Shift also offers a Tailwind UI Shift for updating component styles between Tailwind UI version 1 and Tailwind UI version 2.

The Tailwind Converter for updating any CSS framework, like Bootstrap, to Tailwind was also updated for Tailwind 2.x.

Shift also released a free Tailwind Linter which is still in beta. It currently will streamline your Tailwind configuration file. Future versions will include fixes for removing redundant and outdated utilities, as well ordering utility classes.

Now you may use Shift to effortlessly keep not only your Laravel projects upgraded, but your Tailwind projects too.

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