An intuitive reporting package to add reporting capabilities to your projects! (sponsor)

An intuitive reporting package to add reporting capabilities to your projects! (sponsor)

Smart Report Engine is a robust reporting framework with a clear, intuitive, and easy to follow API that allows you to easily and quickly add reporting capabilities to your projects! It’s available as a native PHP engine and a Laravel package.

$report = new ReportOptions(SRE_PUBLIC_REPORT);
       ->format_country_flag_column ("country")
       ->filter_like("items", "country", "usa")
       ->filter_between("items", "price", 0, 15,SRE_NUMBER)              
       ->conditional_format_less("units_in_stock", 10, true);
$engine = new CustomEngine($report);
$report_path = $engine->create_report();    

With very few lines of code, you can generate professional reports based on the table(s) or SQL queries. Check more examples here.

Key features

Smart Report Engine supports many advanced methods that you can control, and even extend from your code. For example, It supports:

  • Data source selection methods
  • Data filtration methods.
  • Data Grouping methods.
  • Cells-formatting methods.
  • Appearance customization methods.
  • Conditional formatting methods.
  • Exportingenter link description here methods.
  • Security methods to help you integrate with your project’s login system.
  • More.

Smart Report Engine is well-documented with an extensive user manual as well as tutorials and a very friendly support service. Visit the home page of Smart Report Engine to know more about this reporting framework, which can save you many hours of developing, debugging, and maintenance.

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