Sublime Text 3.2 Released


March 14th, 2019

Sublime Text 3.2 Released

For a while, Sublime stable releases went dark for a long, long time. Then out of nowhere Sublime Text 3.0 stable shipped in September 2017, Sublime Text 3.1 in June 2018, and a new product called Sublime Merge released in September 2018.

In the latest release, Sublime Text 3.2 builds off of Sublime Merge adding first-class Git integration, incremental diffing, new theme functionality around diffs, and block caret support.

All the git integration builds off of Sublime Merge’s custom, high-performance Git library giving Sublime Text a super fast Git experience. The most noticeable difference you’ll see is that files and folders in the sidebar will display badges to indicate Git status:

Here’s what block caret support looks like (Rainglow Kiwi theme shown):

The full announcement details and changelog are available in the official Sublime Text 3.2 announcement post. You can also view the 3.2 changelog within the Sublime application via the menu option (I.e., Sublime Text > Changelog… menu option on Mac).

Also, be sure and check out some of our other resources on mastering Sublime Text:

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