Using Dynamic Imports with Laravel Mix
News / June 04, 2019

Using Dynamic Imports with Laravel Mix

In the latest release of Laravel Mix (v4.0.16), support for dynamic imports was added out of the box. Learn how you can use code-splitting to ship much smaller initial bundles (kilobytes instead of megabytes) and improve load-times significantly for those users.

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Laravel Mix Alias
News / May 03, 2019

Laravel Mix Alias

Laravel Mix Alias is an NPM package that provides a convenience method around WebPack’s ‘resolve.alias’ configuration.

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Laravel Mix 4 Released
News / December 18, 2018

Laravel Mix 4 Released

Last week Jeffrey Way shipped Laravel Mix v4, the next major version of the Laravel Mix. Mix 4 uses Webpack 4 and comes with other nice improvements.

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Laravel Elixir Will Be Renamed To Laravel Mix
Laravel 5.4 / December 23, 2016

Laravel Elixir Will Be Renamed To Laravel Mix

Laravel Elixir first came out in October of 2014 and aimed to make automating concatenation, and general file watching easier than setting it up manually. Built on top of Gulp as a wrapper to remove all the difficult parts it has been a popular addition to Laravel. The next version of Laravel Elixir is changing …


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