Tailwind.run() Online Code Editor for Tailwind CSS


August 9th, 2019

Tailwind.run() Online Code Editor for Tailwind CSS

Tailwind.run() is an online service by Utkarsh Kukreti providing “fiddle” or “pen” style features for Tailwind CSS in the browser, even allowing build-time configuration features interactively.

Using this service, you can skip the setup if you want to experiment or share something. Some of its main features at launch include:

  • Compile custom Tailwind CSS config and CSS in the browser
  • Live preview in 5 screen sizes
  • Class name autocompletion with CSS definition preview
  • Save code online or export .zip
  • Vim/Emacs/Sublime key bindings + Emmet
  • Login and save/fork experiments

You can customize the configuration via the “config” tab, and see the changes in realtime:

Further, the service includes tabs for the resolved (or resulting) configuration, the CSS, and the Compiled CSS.

On the preview side, you can toggle between five screen sizes, which makes for a quick experience in learning Tailwind and seeing how your changes affect various screen sizes:

To get started, visit Tailwind.run and sign in with your GitHub account to share and save your work.

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