Talks and Photos from Laracon US 2019


August 22nd, 2019

Talks and Photos from Laracon US 2019

Some Laracon US 2019 videos are now available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure (seriously, these are some fantastic talks). Along with videos, the community now has access to thousands of photos of the event as well!


During the event, @ninjaparade took over 2,400 photos of the event. As Yaz has done for previous conferences, he captured the event in perfection for the Laravel community to enjoy. Thanks, Yaz!

Check out the Laracon US 2019 | Flickr photos, some of which are starting to circulate as memes.

Bill Condo (@mavrck) also has a Laracon 2019 set on Flickr with amazing photos of the speakers and the event. Thanks, Bill!


Check out the Laracon US 2019 playlist on YouTube for the most current list of videos available! The talk format this year was slightly shorter talks, coming in around 20-30 minutes each. I love the pace of these talks and thought the speakers did a superb job.

Taylor Otwell – Intro to Laravel Vapor

Adam Wathan – Tailwind CSS Best Practice Patterns

Freek Van der Herten – Simplification Tips and Tricks

Bobby Bouman – Laravel Design Patterns 2.0

Keith Damiani – Connecting the Dots

Kaya Thomas – Launch Your Side Project

Jonathan Reinink – Eloquent Performance Patterns

Justin Jackson – The Hardest Part About Growing Old In Tech

Colin DeCarlo – Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Web Dev, I Learned From My Twitter Timeline

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