The secrets behind the Laracon Online site


April 2nd, 2021


The Laracon Online hype may be over, but there are still some crispy news regarding the latest site and illustration.

Last week, during the Laravel Worldwide Meetup, I shared the story of how this opportunity came about, and the creative process in its construction.But the biggest revelation was all the secrets behind Flicknelson's illustration.

ATTENTION: I suggest that you watch the recording of the meetup status and watch the story. But if you don't mind spoilers, continue reading.


By far, the biggest surprise was a message well hidden in the structure of the Laravel logo. During all this time, each section of the illustration hid a letter, which when joined together formed the word LARACON.
This is something recurrent from others Flick's illustrations, but this one certainly caught the entire community by surprise.

Although this was the biggest secret, almost all areas also have one or two "easter eggs" hidden – here's a cheat sheet with all locations:

Also, stay tuned! Me and Flick will be back in September bringing a fresh site for the Laracon Online Summer Edition, so get ready.

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