Tinkerwell: The Magical Laravel Tinker App for MacOS


November 5th, 2019


If you follow Marcel Pociot on Twitter, he’s been sharing his progress on a Mac application called Tinkerwell. We’re excited to share that Tinkerwell has launched and is available for purchase for USD 14.99:

Tinkerwell is php artisan tinker on steroids. It comes with a Laravel 6 default project, so you can start experimenting right away.

That’s right; you can tinker with Laravel features with this application without even running commands in the context of an existing application. Maybe you have a question about how something works in Laravel, but you don’t want to spin up a project to mess around with the Laravel framework. Besides tinkering with the latest version of Laravel, you can also tinker with your local Laravel applications.

In addition to the above features, here’s a high-level list of features launching with Tinkerwell:

  • Tinker with the latest Laravel 6 version
  • Tinker remote projects via SSH
  • Install Laravel packages and run them against Tinkerwell
  • Font ligature support
  • Multi-line Editing

My favorite feature is multi-line editing, which makes a tinker session feel more intuitive to me.

To learn more and to buy Tinkerwell, check out tinkerwell.app!

If you’re not using OS X, be sure to sign up to receive future updates and let Marcel know which OS you’re running.

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