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Laravel Tutorials / updated: August 06, 2014

Using Laravel Envoy for common local development tasks

When I am developing locally I run a lot of Artisan commands on my VM and I have a memory like Dory (from Nemo). I can never remember the commands I need to run without looking.

So what I have done is setup Envoy with common tasks I run on my VM. Here is a quick example of my reset:

@servers(['vm' => '-p 2222 vagrant@'])


@task('migrate_reset', ['on' => 'vm'])
    cd ~/Code/MyApp
    php artisan migrate:reset --env=local

@task('migrate_seed', ['on' => 'vm'])
    cd ~/Code/MyApp
    php artisan migrate --seed --env=local

Of course the opportunities are limitless for this and I’m really enjoying it.

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