Moving your Laravel App from Webpack to Vite


June 30th, 2022

Moving your Laravel App from Webpack to Vite

Yesterday, we announced that Vite is now the default frontend asset bundler for new Laravel apps, and so far everyone can't believe how fast Vite is.

If you have an existing app and want to start using Vite today, here is a list of resources to help you get migrated.

Laravel Shift released a free Laravel Mix to Vite converter. This will be the easiest way to update since Shift will automate everything.

Laravel Vite Migration Guide - The official Laravel Vite plugin includes an in-depth migration guide.

Christoph Rumpel wrote a tutorial on moving a Laravel Webpack Project over to Vite.

Freek Van der Herten wrote a tutorial on making Vite and Valet play nice together.

creagia has a tutorial on Laravel Vite with Bootstrap and Sass.

All these community projects and tutorials are sure to help get you started working with Vite and to help you transition over to this bundler.

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