What to Expect This Week from Laracon US 2023

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Whether you are attending the first Laracon US since Laracon US 2019 or watching from the sidelines, this week will be an amazing week for the Laravel community. We thought sharing some highlights leading up to the big show this week would be fun!

When is Laracon US 2023?

Laracon US 2023 is on July 19th and July 20th. Each day is packed with TONS of amazing speakers, new products, and more. You can see the full schedule online, which includes the anticipated State of Laravel Address by Taylor Otweel at the end of the day.

We can expect the Laracon US videos to be online very quickly, even within days of the event:

Shameless plug here, find @ericlbarnes at the conference for some Laravel News stickers:

New (amazing) things coming this week

We don't know all the details yet, but you can expect a huge outpouring of Laravel products, including an early preview of Laravel 11, Laravel Folio, Laravel Volt, and much more:

We know a little bit about Folio and Volt, as Taylor Otwell previewed them on stage at Laracon IN 2023 earlier this year:

  • Laravel Folio: a convenient Next.js-like route discovery feature for Laravel
  • Laravel Volt: a convenient way to write single-file Livewire components

Besides Folio and Volt, we will learn about Laravel Herd and Laravel Prompts this week!

Within the Laravel ecosystem, we are also going to get a bunch of new details on Livewire 3 and new PestPHP features.

First, Caleb Porzio is going to talk about Livewire 3 on Thursday, July 20th. He also plans on launching Livewire 3 at Laracon US, we assume shortly after (or during) his talk!

Nuno Maduro is going kick off Laracon on the morning of Wednesday, July 19, introducing exciting new features in Pest 2. We can't wait for him to bring the heat in his "summer of spice" talk at Laracon. Pest also recently celebrated reaching 7 million downloads this week, which is pretty neat too!

Marcel Pociot will unveil NativePHP—a way to create desktop apps with PHP—during his talk on Thursday:

So much more is going to be unpacked this week at Laracon, and after it winds down, we can expect Laracasts to cover all the shiny new things we will see this week:

How to follow along if you're not going

We can't link to every possible person tweeting about Laracon this week, but here's a list of people to follow for Laracon US and Laravel news from the conference. While I am sure other social networks will have Laracon coverage, you're best bet is going to be Twitter.

You might want to follow #Laracon and #LaraconUS on Twitter to get the firehose of tweets from attendees 👩‍🚒

What's next

I think this tweet sums up what we can expect from Laravel this year and beyond:

I find it super encouraging that Laravel as an ecosystem is exploding and improving with each weekly release, year, and major release. It also looks like we will see new ways we can get started with PHP and Laravel.

Laracon isn't even here yet, and it seems that Taylor has more goodies in the pipeline post-Laracon 🤯

Laravel Forever, indeed!

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